Beef liver pate – simple delight


On paleo¬†or any other diet (better to call it food-lifestyle even, “diet” has such negative connotations), odd cravings can attack and suddenly you find yourself digging into liver pate with your finger in the middle of the street because you felt like eating chocolate, but the sugary temptation is forbidden and you are too far from home to prepare your own delightful version (which includes no sugar, by the way). I had a thing with liver pate. And I got disappointed by all the ingredients that are often put inside. Why sugar, for instance? Although the store had some versions with no sugar, I decided to make my own. Turned out to be so simple to make I wonder why I never did this earlier. You don’t even need brandy or any other fancy alcohol.



  • 50 grams butter
  • 250 grams beef liver
  • 1 red onion
  • 10 prunes
  • 5 sun-dried tomatoes
  • fresh thyme

How to prepare?

Soak prunes in warm water, so the become soft. Drain the sun-dried tomatoes from oil. Cut beef liver into smaller pieces. Also chop onions. Melt butter on a frying pan and quickly fry beef liver and onion. You shouldn’t overcook the liver, otherwise it becomes dry. Put all the ingredients into a food processor and make a smooth mass that you would like to spread onto a bread (or eat straight with a spoon for dessert). The pate¬†turned out to have such an intense taste, that no salt nor pepper was required.