Food and Me


Food is my best friend and my worst enemy if I allow it to. Over the years, I’ve tried to be on more friendly terms with food, to have a healthy relationship as some would say. I have defined and redefined my principles, tried raw food and veganism, for instance. One thing seems to stay afloat, my need to redesign classic recipes and eliminate anything refined from them. I’m on my way to give up sugarand most of my cakes use pureed dates or raisins instead. I make my own ice cream of bananas (great trick from raw foodists). Currently, I’m making my way into paleo world: no sugar, no dairy, no grains. Well, I do like my grains, so this is somewhat problematic, but let’s see. Overall, I use natural

ingredients, and, if possible, local produce. I stay clear of additives, colourants, and other weird E-substances.

You are kindly welcome on this journey as I discover new ways to cook. After all, if you rule out certain things, it is not an obstruction, it is a possibility to become more creative with the things you can eat.


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